I am grateful for each opportunity to make a difference in another person’s life. Here are testimonials that highlight women like you who have had success.

Women conquering anxiety group was the best life changing experience EVER..I found this group through Facebook and one night I was having a bad anxiety attack, I felt like I couldn’t breathe, I felt faint and was beyond irritable..so I posted how I felt and automatically, I received so many responses with how to cope with my panic and how so many other women can relate. I knew that I wasn’t alone and that’s what made me stay with this Amazing Group. I’ve met some women that I consider my friends and we keep in touch on our personal Facebook pages..for 3 year’s, I was my own prisoner. I was too afraid to leave the house or step outside or join in on family occasions, my family did my shopping for me (food and clothes) I got denied social security and it motivated me to want to live life.

I was fed up with depending on other people, so I used this groups advice and started going to therapy. This group taught me new coping skills, just one day at a time, baby steps, deep breathing exercises, mediation, these are awesome tools that helped me conquer anxiety and Get my life back. I depend on me and finally do all the Things I enjoy. I would like to thank God and Meagan Barnes for helping women from all around the world and the women on this site. I have confidence NOW: ) Thank you for believing in me, all of us, I have my life back and I’m very Blessed. Baby steps, don’t rush, take you’re time, you can do this…I have Faith In everyone struggling with anxiety.- Love Krista

KristaKrista R.

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Jane Smith, Midland, TX


Helping women conquer anxiety