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Baby Steps to Beat Agorgaphobia

I had always been the kind of person to be busy all the time. I loved going places, eating out, going to the mall, basically any and everywhere. After my first panic attack in 2008 I became very fearful. I didn’t know when or where the next attack would strike. Sometimes the attacks would come

Simple Kale Salad

  This salad is ideal for making ahead for company. Serves 2 1/2cup cubed kabocha, butternut, or other winter squash Extra-virgin olive oil Salt and freshly ground pepper 1bunch kale (preferably lacinato or dinosaur kale), ribs removed and finely sliced, about 2 1/2 cups 1/4cup almonds, cut roughly in half 1/4cup crumbled or finely chopped Cabot

2 Things I Never Forget to Do in the Morning

  Having a morning routine is very important. When you start every day with healthy habits and focusing on what is important for you in your life you consciously and subconsciously take actions towards the life you want. The main benefits of a morning routine performed every day is that not a day will go by

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